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Voice Chat
The Voice Chat was built to bring interactivity to mobile phone users. It allows people to meet and discuss directly in private/public chat rooms. Topics of interest can be created and users can easily reserve their own chat rooms if they want to discuss with close friends or coworkers. You can also decide to animate your chat rooms with specialists: astrology, aesthetics, dietetics, etc. People would then be able to listen and freely give their opinion

Mobile FM
This service gives mobile phone users access to shows and pre-recorded news.. Make sure people never miss their favorite radio shows by letting them call a dedicated number to listen to those shows at their convenience. Partnerships with local radio stations are key to making this kind of service successful.

For birthday wishes and celebration, what about a small message with music in the background? With the Jukebox, you can listen to small songs clips and dedicate them to your loved ones.

Voice SMS
How to send a quick message to a friend? What about our Voice SMS solution. After a quick call to a dedicated number, the user records a message and specifies someone’s phone number. The recipient instantly receives an SMS with the instructions to listen to the recorded message.

Push Voice
Push Voice is an easy solution to send a pre-recorded message to a group of users. This service is a better way to communicate your message as users receives a regular phone call and when they pick up, the message starts to play.

We also build customized Voice Solutions for enterprises

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